The PokerStars Blackjack Game

PokerStars has dominated online gambling for many years. However, they have recently launched additional verticals, including a casino.

The opening of a casino is part of Amaya Gaming’s plan to broaden PokerStars’ scope beyond poker. And so far, the strategy is bearing fruit as PokerStars Casino grows in popularity.

This indicates that more and more individuals are playing blackjack variants.
Does it make sense to join these blackjack players?

Let’s examine their blackjack variants, aesthetics, table layout, wagering options, and RTP to find out. We will also discuss PokerStars in detail and provide a recommendation as to whether you should play there.

Aspects General to PokerStars Blackjack

Large Game Selection

Please be aware that we are evaluating PokerStars blackjack from the United States and cannot access their international casino. Instead, we are evaluating PokerStars New Jersey, which allows US residents to participate for free.

PokerStars Casino NJ features a large selection of blackjack variations, including classic, European, Atlantic City, double deck, Premium Blackjack, Premium Atlantic City, and double deck Atlantic City.

Download Programs

As opposed to most casinos, PokerStars New Jersey does not offer an immediate play interface. Instead, you must download and install the software, which in our case took over 15 minutes.

Additionally, you must establish an account, and we found it annoying that they required us to provide the source from which we heard about PokerStars.

We’re astonished, given Stars’ prominence in the gaming world, that they don’t offer users more convenience.

Additionally, you must select the Play Money icon in the lobby’s upper-right quadrant. Otherwise, you will be prohibited from playing if you create real-money tables.

Visual Displays

The graphics on the blackjack terminals at PokerStars are unremarkable. The dark green carpet gives the casino an aged vibe.

The black table trim, coin receptacles, and playing cards feature unremarkable graphics.

Table Format

The tables have a simple layout devoid of the embellishments found on the tables of many other blackjack providers.

Your coins and wagering options are located in the lower-right corner of the screen.
There are five wagering circles in the lower portion of the table, allowing you to play numerous hands per turn.

There will also be a sign at the top of the table displaying the minimum and maximum wagers.

The blackjack tables at PokerStars are primarily designed for functionality, which will appeal to players who do not care about table decorations.

Ways to Play

All of PokerStars’ blackjack variations are played in the same manner. Having said that, we will outline the general procedure here and discuss any nuances in the respective game sections.

You commence by selecting one of the available token denominations in the lower left-hand quadrant. Then, you position your coins on one or more of the five available wagering locations.

When you are satisfied with your wager, select Deal to receive your initial two cards. If you wish to cancel your wager, select Clear to start over.

You will then receive your cards and have various options to choose from, dependent on the terms of the specific game. Included in these choices are strike, stand, double down, divide, and surrender.

At the conclusion of each round, there are three possible actions:

Re-Bet & Deal – Place the same wager(s) and promptly deal the cards.
Re-Bet – Place the same wager(s), but choose the timing of the card distribution.
New Bets – You can manually place new coins, and when you’re set, select Deal.

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